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Bernadette & Sinan - Our wedding day

Bernadette contacted me in December 2017 and inquired for our services regarding her wedding. Few days later she locked the date without even a meeting saying that she loves my work.

I think that's this is one part of the story. I strongly believe that even the best portfolio can't replace the relationship of trust that is built between the photographer and the couple.

Her review says it all...

"Just want to thank Panos from Panorama Imagery and Films.

We have booked in for their service for our wedding next year!! They provide amazingly courteous customer service, honestly feels like I’ve known him for years, but their current promotion ‘Christmas Special’ is one to not miss out on!! (Especially with all other wedding expenses) CANNOT WAIT FOR THE BIG DAY!


Here are some photos of their special day...

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