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Vintage crystal

One of the most elegant albums in our collection. Modern and Classic at the same time !

A best seller due to its amazing quality.


 1 large and 3 small albums made of matte recycled leather with silver perimetrical finish, offering the perfect gift for parents, best men and friends.

 Imagine that you are ordering an album for your wedding and, instead of one album, you are getting 4 albums!

You  can now also give an album of one of the most important moments of your life to your parents… and to your best man…


 Quattro Series is an elegant album package with one big and 3 smaller albums. It is one of the best sellers because, of its quality, handmade finish, variety of colours.

White - Black - Graphite - Ivory

Quattro series *


When you are ordering a Quattro Album you are getting one big album (14×14 inches) and you are also getting 3 more albums  (8×8 inches).

 All the albums have the same number of the pages/spreads as the big one, with no extra cost !

*Available only for the "clasic plus" package


       Photo series
The Leather Package

Get one album from this great leather album series (14×14 inches)  and get one more (8×8 inches) for free.

The free album will have the same pages/spreads as the first album.

Black Crystal

The classic and the modern, in one unique album.


 Black matte recycled leather on the back and the spine, with a fine acrylic (plexiglas) photo on the front, which gives you a sense of a 3D image. Comes with a table acrylic frame same as the album cover.

 One of our best sellers.


 Ideal for weddings, events, and portraiture.

New York - Red *

 One of the top albums in Europe for elegant and executive weddings.


 Red high gloss lacquer on the front cover, with 12 “waterfalls” of genuine Swarovski crystals.

The album is finished in red patent leather on the back cover.


A real hand made work of art for your wedding!

* Excluded from special offers

* Additional price of $450 for this model

Scarlett Series

Luxury and elegance!

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